Free Used car Valuation There are some websites available online that offers free used car valuations like they also provide many tips and suggestions for buying and selling the car. One of the important and reputed website fro the used car valuation is the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) as it provides the detail information about the used cars they also evaluate the price of the cars. The valuation of the cars depends on different companies and they include the model of the car, brand name, year, mileage, physical damages etc… The valuation of the car is equal for both the buyer and the seller. The latest market trends also give the detail about the car valuation and they are more convenient when made online. The price of the used cars depends on the availability of the model and the valuation is easy because of the tools available online. It is better that you provide all the truthful information about the car for valuation. It has made the sellers and the buyers very easy and trust worthy to make a deal online. They are available for all the days in the week you have to submit two identification proof forms along with the requisition letter from the owner. You have to surrender all the documents including the repair and the maintenance receipts. The used car valuation also has the option to bargain and get the profitable deal. The valuation is done based on both the buyer and the seller point of view.